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I had the great opportunity of working with NHS Contracting team who are exploring new ways of getting the message spread about the new contracting documents and the changes. Thanks to Alistar Hill and Michelle Coleman for being brave and making this happen.

Presentation 1 – Overview of the NHS Standard Contract

  • Use of the Contract, including full-length and shorter-form versions
  • Grant agreements, sub-contracts and non-contract activity
  • E-Contract system
  • Supporting publications
  • Advice and support
  • Dispute resolution

Presentation 2 – New policy requirements

  • Primary care / secondary care interface
  • Other new policy requirements
  • Service Development and Improvement Plans

Presentation 3 – Contract management

  • Implications of the two-year contract approach
  • Prior Approval Schemes
  • Managing counting and coding changes
  • Contract sanctions and the Sustainability and Transformation Fund

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