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As part of an RCT in NHS England, I was matched with a Robyn Rukavina in finance.

Immediately we replied to our pairing and hilariously googled each other to know who we are and what we looked like.

We planned for a date when I was in London and could take some time out to connect. In the planning we decided to get out of the building of Skipton House; Robyn made the great suggestion that we should do table tennis and she would bring the bats. No pressure there then! How to look cool, and discuss digital large scale transformation at the same time?

As I waited in Skipton House, my heart starts to go, what do we talk about, finance? What do I know about specialised commissioning? I should have read more!

With table tennis bats in hand, I spotted Robyn and we set off down the street to the coffee house. Yes sorry, there had to be coffee involved even if we playing table tennis.

The conversation was natural and we discussed our roles and our careers, our values and passions. It was great to see such a value driven person working in finance – it reminds of this image my colleague sent me the other day.

We discussed the opportunities of health care efficiencies to meet the demanding pressure of the need to save money in the NHS budget by 2020. 

After a good game of table tennis, flushed and thoroughly beaten by Robyn, we walked back to Skipton to set off for our next meeting and work, we reflected how we should do this again.

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