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I am currently looking at developing a map of where all the documents and templates sit for the organisation I work for. So it is clear that there is a baseline step by step guide that can be iterated and improved on. It is easy to get into the way of working of having to recreate the wheel and documents.

I have created and seen many mind maps/ process flows and they can end up static in the sense of it having been done and then not referenced or used.

I put a call out on Twitter for suggestions the responses included:

  1. Lucid Chart
  3. Engage Process
  4. XMind
  6. Gliffy
  7. Microsoft Sway

To test these products I identified what I wanted to get agreement on from the the team first. Step one of the process: Identify the journey of someone interested in working with us or a tender opportunity.


  • Ease of use,
  • what looks good to present
  • and what will best to keep iterating on without it become a boring process.

Lucid Chart


Lucid Chart has some great onboarding. Getting started was quick and I loved how it asked what you are looking to do so it customise the experience.

What was made:


Connected with Google account this was a great option. The video for learning Draw in 82 seconds was very helpful.

Getting started within a matter of seconds. 

Engage Process


30-day free trial. To get started you need to confirm your account. I couldnt see any integration with my other accounts like Google. No problem.

First impressions it’s that it felt like a Microsoft office product.

This offers lots more than what I currently need. Allocating time and resources and understanding their relationships is key. I just struggled with the interface.





Mindmapping that can be tuned into projects with Gantt charts – what is this magic?

Presentation wise this looks great at quickly getting to a powerpoint to present to team meetings regularly.


XMind has a number of templates



My first impressions of this are that it feels like software I used to sell to schools 10 years ago, heavily built using flash technology. It was quick to get into the canvas and start playing. I loved how the chat feature and collaborate functions was built in on the left-hand side nudging you to collaborate with other.s


Microsoft Sway

This is a great product and I have an idea for using this to present reports. How you can present is really nice with no web coding experience required.

For what I need right now I am leaning towards and Lucid Chart.

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