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I was listening to and reading this about intelligent kindness and felt it really aligned to what we are saying at NHS Horizons  about how we create agency through the use of the school for change agents. I love the fact that John Ballat has some real examples of when agency is created we have a positive outcome in the delivery of care. (audio 15 mins)

“Simplistic faith in industrialisation and procedural rules leads us to tell staff what to do , when, how and with what result, and to monitor them with quite ruthless intrusiveness. Inevitably this distracts, creates anxiety, squeezing out the very intelligence, and kindness, upon which good work depends.” (the research see attached visual 2015 below)

John Ballatt  (Author), Penelope Campling (Author) of the book Intelligent Kindness

Some of you are most likely familiar with this, I would love to know what you have seen work or other examples of positive outcomes.


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