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This case study (from a scalable learning perspective) is fascinating from a deliberately developmental organisation perspective – thinking about how business/data processes could be reimagined to incentivise the sort of culture (and values) you would want to build as a team:

One is a company called LiveOps, which runs customer call center operations on an outsourced basis for larger companies. LiveOps did something interesting: They took inspiration from an online war game, “World of Warcraft,” and gave every one of their employees a performance dashboard that in real-time would give them feedback on how they were doing on many different dimensions of performance. What was more powerful was that they did not stop there, and they urged their workers to ask for help if they were having performance issues. They created an online discussion environment where the worker could go in, post a performance challenge that they are wrestling with and see if anybody can help. The company then started to watch, recognize, and reward the other workers who emerged as helpers and coaches of workers with performance problems. In effect, what they were doing was creating a powerful peer-to-peer learning environment which has helped them to accelerate performance improvement and learning at a significant rate.

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